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Paragon's efforts in developing and delivering standardized in-progress reviews, enabled USTRANSCOM managers to see an overall picture of program status.


As the single manager of America's global defense transportation system, the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) provides military and commercial air, land and sea transportation assets to all Department of Defense (DOD) organizations and agencies, as well as terminal management and aerial refueling in times of peace and war to allow the United States to project and sustain forces, whenever, wherever, and for as long as they are needed. Established at Scott Air Force Base Illinois in 1987, USTRANSCOM is one of nine unified combatant commands of the DOD with missions assigned by the president. A unique responsibility of USTRANSCOM is the DOD Distribution Process Owner (DPO): coordinating and overseeing the DOD end-to-end distribution system; identifying distribution process improvements that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of defense logistics and global supply chain management systems providing vital support to warfighters; and collaborating with stakeholders in developing and implementing end-to-end distribution process improvements. The $12.877 billion in fiscal year 2011 revenue placed USTRANSCOM 192nd on the United States' Fortune 500 companies list. Every day, the command provides transportation, sustainment, and distribution, controlling a fleet of military assets valued in excess of $52 billion and $1.4 billion in infrastructure.

Since 2008, Paragon has provided USTRANSCOM with technical and program support of information technology (IT) programs, leveraging experience to plan, design, analyze, assess and field DOD deployment and distribution IT capabilities. Paragon directly supports the Directorate of Acquisition (TCAQ), which is charged with providing quality products, services and information systems in a timely and affordable manner. Paragon built the foundation of the enterprise Program Management Office (PMO) responsible for managing, developing and delivering USTRANSCOM-validated business and command and control programs. Paragon supports critical distribution programs that total over $100 million in annual cost and employ over 10,000 users on six continents.

USTRANSCOM tasked Paragon with revolutionizing program management and establishing centralized and standardized program management support across 12 IT programs. The customer needed to manage and integrate disciplines at the enterprise level, breaking down individual program silos (such as acquisition support, financial analysis, requirements management, configuration management, test and evaluation, systems engineering, security engineering, and risk management) and employ them as enterprise assets that could be realigned dynamically to where there was the greatest need. Paragon established a standard set of metrics used to track, measure and report program milestone accomplishment, ensuring delivery of an end-to-end approach that integrated varying activities from concept development to delivery of functionality to the Warfighter.


As a top priority after the contract award, Paragon delivered integrated master schedules for all programs, provided activities rolled-up to the portfolio level, and integrated program support across all support areas. Paragon provided quick responses to changing resource requirements to ensure all 12 programs met acquisition milestone requirements on time. The team's accomplishments included:
Transforming the organizational culture from managing IT programs as individual silos to proactively managing programs under an integrated, enterprise PMO with a greater focus on cost, schedule, performance and risk.

Establishing a built-in standardized processes, provided reusable templates, and created a knowledge base site used by both government and contractor subject matter experts to ensure quality and timely delivery of products with increased emphasis on documenting DOD 5000 and Chief Information Officer (CIO) compliance.

Refining the process of requirements management for the Defense Personal Property System (DPS), resulting in vastly improved delivery of user functionality and improved cost control. The team also assisted in preparing critical security documentation for the AT21 Enterprise Integration Lab from start-up to initial operating capability.

Marshalling multiple programs through acquisition milestones and garnered recognition at the Joint Chiefs of Staff level.


Through Paragon's efforts, the PMO now employs improved ability to control cost and to make proactive portfolio decisions, both across programs and across portfolios, reducing USTRANSCOM's total cost of ownership. For the first time the PMO now has near-real-time, actionable information with which to effectively manage the acquisition life cycles for the assigned DOD mission critical programs. Standardized program updates give all management levels snapshots of how programs are performing and help identify issues upfront, expose risks and track risk mitigation plans.

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