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Are you aware that your biggest asset (people) is also your biggest risk? Did you know that a cyber-attack is much easier than cyber-defense? Information security is not just an IT issue, it's an organizational issue. Strong information security can prevent and mitigate the impact of security incidents while consistently maintaining customer confidence. Weak information security increases a system's vulnerability to a potential security incident. The impact from a security incident may be exponential and long lasting—financial loss, legal actions, compromised reputation, and loss of goodwill with customers. Recovery from a security incident is complex, costly, and time consuming. Prevention through proper structuring of an information security program is critical. Let Paragon position your company with a competitive advantage by providing security services that align and strengthen the three pillars of information security: people, processes, and technology.

The DoD has Sanctioned Commercial Cloud Services

Click to EnlargeClick to EnlargeThe chart on the right shows the projected growth in the cloud services market. The Department of Defense (DoD) is aware of this and recognizes the benefits of cloud computing.

On July 23, 2014 the DoD, which had been the most reluctant to adopt commercial cloud services, published the DoD Cloud Way Forward to "provide clear guidance to the Cloud Service Providers and to Department of Defense customer organizations in support of the DoD Chief Information Officer's (CIO) goal to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing within the DoD."

You can increase your company's bottom line by providing cloud services to the Federal Government, but to do so you need Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) accreditation. The federal government has recognized the cost savings and reliability advantages of cloud computing and has created the FedRAMP office to evaluate and accredit cloud service providers who wish to provide services to federal agencies. Paragon Security Services (PSSPSS is certified to assess potential cloud service providers as part of the FedRAMP authorization process.

Why Paragon?

Strong security controls protect your system. Compliant security controls lead to your system attaining accreditation. Paragon can ensure your system has both. Paragon has processes, procedures, and experienced security services staff to drive your enterprise security to meet National Institute of Technology (NIST), Department of Defense (DoD) and ISO 27001 security standards.

Paragon, a recognized leader in Program Management Office (PMO) support, is now offering specialized security analysis and pre-assessment security preparation services. Clients can selectively choose from an a la carte menu of security services. Paragon provides a high quality staff, very competitive pricing, and is responsive to client timelines.

Our approach to security delivers a tangible return on investment by ensuring security and compliance are built into your environment from the beginning of its lifecycle and accurately assessing your system to help it gain accreditation. This eliminates reconfiguration and delays. With Paragon, you receive the service offerings of a large company with the personalized customer service of a small company. Building strong relationships with our clients is a priority—not a business transaction.

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Our Services

FedRamp Accreditation Assessments
Paragon is a FedRAMP accredited 3PAO. We are fully equipped to assess cloud service providers undergoing FedRamp certification. For those cloud service providers who want to provide services to the federal government, we can provide pre-assessments to give confidence going into the FedRamp certification process.

Network Vulnerability Assessments
Analyzing your networks to evaluate the security posture, vulnerability and compliance with industry and federal laws/regulations. We offer network scanning, application code scanning and penetration testing.

Physical Security Assessments
Evaluating facility construction, fire suppression, environmental controls, locks, alarms, and physical security procedures to identify vulnerabilities and assess compliance.

User/Employee Security Awareness Training
Training your employees in cyber security and threat awareness to prevent costly mistakes.

Security Program Development
Helping your organization develop a program to ensure your assets are protected, your client's data is safe and your employees are security minded.

Disaster Recovery Planning
Paragon can help your organization design and implement a plan to ensure continuity of operations in the event of man-made or natural disasters.

IT Security Life Cycle Management
We can help you manage the ongoing process of identifying the assets, threats and requirements; implementing those requirements and counters to new threats; monitoring, testing and adjusting your security program.

Independent Verification & Validation of Security Programs
Paragon can provide independent verification of your security program's compliance with industry or federal requirements so that you can maintain certification/accreditation.

At Paragon We Teach No-Breach Etiquette

Paragon is a FedRAMP accredited 3PAO. We are fully equipped to assess cloud service providers undergoing FedRAMP certification. For us it's all about educating our clients regarding best practices, and we live by these simple rules:

Don't Hurt Your Customers
Customers, whether individuals or organizations, will be damaged from loss or compromise of their data.

Don't Hurt Your Reputation
The loss of goodwill through data breaches can be irreparable.

Don't Be Subject to Fines and Litigation
Federal regulations impose heavy fines for data compromise. Clients who suffer damages will seek reparations.


Secure Your Network
Ensure your network is physically and logically secure.

Train Your People
A physically and logically secure network can be compromised by both mistakes and poor security practices. Ensure your employees are educated in sound security procedures.

Keep the Data Safe
Your business depends on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data in your system.

Monitor Compliance
Ensure your system is compliant with applicable regulations and maintains accreditation.


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